Been so busy that I haven't posted a weeknote for 2 months already. Oops. Might be nice to go back and add them, but that won't be any fun. I'll just post them as I remember to.

Meanwhile, things that have changed since then:

  • Started a Chinese novel translation project with Moonbeams. Trying to get 1 update per week, but I've been slipping the past 2 weeks.
  • DIA started a major project and we're in week 2 already.
  • WIAD is ramping up on gathering the team together for WIAD22.

  1. Worked ~50 hours this week.

    • DIA Design Guild: 30 hours, 62%
    • Factor Firm: 11 hours, 21%
    • World IA Day: 7 hours, 14%
  2. DIA Design Guild. The DIA team is so far rocking all the discovery sessions. We started doing co-working sessions and on Friday we already came up with a first draft of the ecosystem map!

    • We are testing out FigJam instead of continuing with Miro. So far, it's been pretty easy to pick up for the team. Initially, the shape tool was a little puzzling, but once we figured it out, it was fine.
    • Still figuring out how we want to deal with stickers. If we use stickers on top of screenshots, it would be hard to distinguish between visual design on the page vs annotation markers that we're using.
    • Started a document structure for the UX audit that we're working on since there's so much to cover.
Ecosystem Map
  1. World IA Day. With WIAD, we've been revisiting the organization's mission and vision. Lots of conversations with Ghada, Andrea, and Joy trying to make sure that we agree on the vision for the website vs vision for the organization.

    • Met with Sharon and Dyl from WIAD Cebu on Friday. Sharon's going to be co-GEP with Alannah Rosa (New Zealand). Dyl's going to be helping with social media, as Social Media Director.
    • Proposing that we offer a social media in/externship for the fall (Sept to Dec) and spring (Jan to Mar) semesters
    • Came across an interesting "Women in UX" thread on Twitter and I proposed we should turn it into a six degrees, small-world research project that WIAD could sponsor, collaborate with other community organizations.
  2. Speaking. I'm going to be speaking at Claremont Graduate University's UX Friday Talks on September. I started working on the talk and trying to decide whether I want to do slides.

Preparing for the CGU talk in user story map form.


  • School is starting next week. With the Delta variant, I'm glad that we opted to continue homeschooling.

Notable Reading/Watching

  • Started reading The New ABC's of Research by Ben Schneiderman

Weeknotes 2021-08-15 to 08-21