Big items for this week:

  • Potential AI project in the talks for DIA
  • Working through business ops and value-based pricing for DIA
  • Moving forward with the SGVUX, LA DIA Design consolidation of online properties

Work/Giving Back

  1. Worked 44 hours this week.
    • DIA Design Guild: 20 hours, 45%
    • World IA Day: 17 hours, 38%
    • Personal Brand: 5 hours, 11%
  2. World IA Day finished a rebranding workshop the Saturday before. This week's WIAD board meetings continued on those discussions and welcomed a new regional director who will join the global board. We talked about the role of the regional director as being strategic and/or tactical, depending on how the person in the role wants to take it. The global executive producer (GEP) is more like the project manager for the WIAD local events. See minutes on GitHub.
  3. SGVUX is getting ready for its July monthly event next Tuesday, "What does it mean to work in UX?". Open discussion on what it means to work in UX, looking at business, UX/design maturity in the organization, design process and placement of UX within the organizational structure.
What does it mean to work in UX? - Zoom
Let’s talk about what it means to work in UX (… or we could talk about what it means to build a community around the Asian drama watching experience).This past month, we started talking about...
  1. Continued on content inventory and audit of SGVUX and LA DIA content and working on how to consolidate the two under DIA Design Guild. It's part of the ongoing migration project this summer to clean up and align the various community initiatives together.
Notes on where and how ladiadesign and sgvux properties were going to be consolidated
  1. Met with Abby Covert and talked about translating her book, How to Make Sense of Any Mess, into Arabic. We had a deep conversation on the various approaches of translation projects, languages people practicing IA in, and the role of World IA Day and translations. It was a prelude to the 7/1 and 7/3 board meeting where we said that localization != translation; cultural and linguistic differences make it difficult to make a direct translation. Content should be re-written in context in the local language.
  2. Met with Joy Hong, WIAD regional director for APAC and we talked more about the org rebranding, locations vs events, and her progress with reaching out to people about organizing IA events in the region
  3. Started playing with Polywork and I like it so far. Here's my profile for now as I start putting this as part of my routine (in addition to LinkedIn):
Grace Lau’s page | @lauggh | Built on Polywork
Polywork is a professional network for multiplayers.
  1. Refreshing my use of Clickup for a project. It's overwhelming, but I think I figured a good IA around it for the project we're using it for.


  • Been staying at the new house for the past 3 weeks, since LA had its first heat wave this summer. Moved the computer desk over finally, went to Daiso for small containers for writing and more notebooks, went to Target for their flexible containers. Got curtains installed with tension rods for dividing up the room.
Computer desks across from each other with chairs and bench on either side
Our new working space at home. I take up the side with 2 monitors.
  • Week was hot enough to go swimming a few times this week. Might not have that opportunity next week when projects start up.

Notable Reading/Watching

  • Reviewing "The AI-Powered Enterprise" by Seth Earley. Working on a book review.

Weeknotes 2021-06-27 to 07-03