I was invited as a guest lecturer for a day at Azusa Pacific University's weeklong Summer Immersive, DSGN504 Digital Experience in Design. I designed and facilitated a 6-hour talk and activity on UX in product and service experience.


Small group of working professionals learning about user experience on the side in a summer intensive program

Teaching goals/objectives

  • Share topics and resources around systems thinking, design thinking, community design
  • Exposure to a systems mapping workshop
  • Instill an awareness of different types of bias
  • Learn about various approaches to design through plain language, information architecture, core model, network thinking, wayfinding

Topics covered

  • Systems thinking + short systems mapping exercise
  • Evolution of various design thinking models
  • Calling out different types of bias when planning participatory design
  • Frameworks for designing experiences


I had originally planned to include a module how to evaluate and assess the impact of design but felt that this might have needed more context and engagement outside of the scope of this 6-hour workshop.

Would I do this workshop again? Definitely.

A minute-by-minute timeline of the workshop

Workshop on Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, and Community Design

In which I write about the design and structure of my workshop with APU's UX Design Program