The idea for UX of Dim Sum as a design thinking workshop came around summer 2018 but it was not until December when I hinted publicly that it would be a real workshop. I wasn't sure how people would respond to this. I wasn't sure whether it would make sense.

Not an issue.

The first iteration of this workshop took place on June 1, 2019. It was great.


Running a workshop in a dim sum restaurant was not feasible. Booking a private room was also not optimal since that would also take away from the dim sum experience. Don't you know that waiting in line for hours is part of the ritual?!

The workshop was composed of 2 parts: 1) we feast first as part of the divergence part of design thinking; 2) we workshop second.


Ethnographic research, social interaction, inclusion

UX of Dim Sum
Get ready to explore the #uxofdimsum and learn about UX, design thinking

UX of Dim Sum

In which I designed and facilitated a half-day design thinking workshop around the Cantonese dim sum culinary experience