Design Research

In order to understand your organization and users, I need to understand who I'm designing for and why. This requires a few design research activities to understand user and client needs.

  • User interviews and surveys
  • Content modeling
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Competitive analysis

Information Architecture & Content Strategy

Information architecture allows you to understand your existing content, what new content you need, and how pieces of content are related. With IA, I have defined new navigation models and new ways of describing content so that users can find what they need, regardless of the device or platform they’re using.

  • Site architecture
  • Tree testing
  • Card sorting
  • Taxonomy design
  • Content audits and analysis

Interaction Design

Once I understand content and structure, I can start defining content priority through wireframes. Wireframes are simple blueprints to help visualize content and the priorities for each page. Wireframes emphasize content hierarchies where we can start to explore how users will interact with features and components of the site. I use interaction design patterns with accessibility and mobile-first in mind to ensure the best possible experience for every user.

  • Task analysis
  • Pageflows
  • Wireframes