Jorge Arango invited me as a guest speaker onto his podcast, The Informed Life, late December 2020, to talk about my involvement with the IA conference and World IA Day, two very prominent events for the information architecture community.

We talked about what information architecture meant to me, how I got involved with the two events/communities, and why I continue to contribute to the community.

To be honest, I was a little surprised with where I took the conversation because I went pretty far back to when I started organizing events as part of graduate school more than 10 years ago now.  

On his blog, Jorge provides a summary of our interview, so I won't react to it here since it's pretty objective and straight-forward.

The Informed Life with Grace Lau
Episode 52 of The Informed Life podcast features an interview with Grace Lau. Grace is an information architect and UX designer based in the Greater Los Angeles area. Since early in her career, Gra…
Jorge summarizes the episode and his takeaways from our chat

The podcast website itself has the actual transcript with links to World IA Day, the IA conference, and the SGVUX meetup.

Grace Lau on Information Architecture Events
“Come! Come learn with us. Come participate and contribute.”
Read the transcript

Of course, you can ignore all that and just listen to the podcast episode.

Listen to the podcast episode

On The Informed Life with Jorge Arango

In which I was a guest speaker on The Informed Life and talked about building communities, in particular, the IAC and World IA Day