Part 2 of Taxonomy of Spices and Pantries

After much trial and error, the 2nd installation of my series on taxonomies is finally up! Yes, I almost didn’t make it, didn’t I? Wait, don’t answer that!

Planning a Taxonomy Project goes through the laundry list of UX questions to structure a working design plan for the taxonomy. 

Planning a taxonomy covers the same questions as planning any UX project. Understanding the users and their tasks and needs is a foundation for all things UX.  This article will go through the questions you should consider when planning a kitchen, er, um…, a taxonomy project.

I had some trouble making sure that I stuck to the kitchen analogy and I almost got tricked into actually re-organizing it while the in-laws weren’t around. Tea and coffee should be grouped together, right? 

It’ll take me another long while before I will have the next one up (due to work and holidays), but until then let me know in the comments what you think!