Part 3 of Taxonomy series on spices and pantries

It look longer than I expected, but here’s the 3rd part in my real-world kitchen taxonomy development series. In this article, I used the use case of a recipe to walk through how users might look at and use content as a way to explain facets. Facets are characteristics to describe concepts objectively. 

In the month that it took me to write this article, we ate pho 5 times and I made 6 batches of madeleines - including versions that include orange, lemon, chocolate, pandan, chocolate and pandan. Apparently, the first time was the best…

Facets are really just different slices of a larger taxonomy that can be used not just in a taxonomy, but also in content metadata, in content itself, as search filters and faceted navigation. 

I hope this part 3 helps someone out there who’s working on a taxonomy or organizing their kitchen.

Don’t miss: Part 4 will be documenting my journey of using card sorting to test my kitchen taxonomy. I will be sending out various card sorting links to solicit your help!

Thank you very gamsa!