What's with the Chinese name? Matters of Identity

As I'm redesigning/restructuring my portfolio site (yet again), I'm coming across the dilemma of whether I should use my Chinese name. Do I include it in my logo/brand identity? Why? What should I expect from doing this?

Rob Meyerson, in his article "Two Names, One Logo: Integrating Chinese and Non-Chinese Names in Logo Design," breaks down some of the merits of including a Chinese name for a corporation, but for an individual, the questions becomes personal.

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Taxonomy considerations from the 2015 Beanie Awards

Think you know Korean dramas? Wait until you see these categories and the options on Dramabean's 2015 Bean Awards. Did you see that Ji Sung had his own category? Then check out the reader comments. Can you figure out the abbreviations? IRY, KMHM, OMG, SFD… catch up if you can. 

Every year when Dramabeans rolls out their year in review, it’s akin to a gathering of drama addicts reminiscing the good and bad journeys we’ve shared in dramas. Sharing the high and low points, bewaring of spoilers for those who haven’t caught up, we fangirl/boy as much as we can and relive the feels without spending another 16 hours and then some.

Which drama had the best use of amnesia as a plot line? How many dramas used it as a story trope? How many medical dramas can you watch? Did you even know that there were so many drama remakes / adaptations that happened this year? 

In the middle of this all, building a strong taxonomy to bring these together, Viki.com has been doing a pretty good job of curating drama collections for “noona romance”, high school dramas, bromances, rags to riches. And, yes, you could even search by (some) drama abbreviations.

Yes, it’s been a good year for Korean dramas. 

Part 2 of Taxonomy of Spices and Pantries

After much trial and error, the 2nd installation of my series on taxonomies is finally up! Yes, I almost didn’t make it, didn’t I? Wait, don’t answer that!

Planning a Taxonomy Project goes through the laundry list of UX questions to structure a working design plan for the taxonomy. 

Planning a taxonomy covers the same questions as planning any UX project. Understanding the users and their tasks and needs is a foundation for all things UX.  This article will go through the questions you should consider when planning a kitchen, er, um…, a taxonomy project.

I had some trouble making sure that I stuck to the kitchen analogy and I almost got tricked into actually re-organizing it while the in-laws weren’t around. Tea and coffee should be grouped together, right? 

It’ll take me another long while before I will have the next one up (due to work and holidays), but until then let me know in the comments what you think!