Since high school, I have been helping non-profits, small business, academic organizations and Fortune 500 corporations research, design, develop, test, launch, and improve their digital services and experiences.

  • draft business requirements
  • develop taxonomies for varied users
  • create wireframes for documentation
  • build prototypes for usability testing

My areas of expertise include information architecture, user research, interaction design, metadata and taxonomy. I’m a sucker for intranets and taxonomies. I’ve worked on desktop, mobile, tablet, and responsive web products. To say this in a different way, I can design for the bigger picture by focusing on the smaller details. I’m based in Greater Los Angeles, often found commuting between the Inland Empire and Orange County.

About this site

This site focuses on topics such as structured data, the semantic web, and information management, and especially how these topics relate to empowering individuals to collect and use data in ways that are meaningful to them.