My name is Grace Lau and I like to organize stuff.

I'm an Information Architect with a background in Library and Information Studies. I like to discover and design for the different ways that users look for information. 


My venture into User Experience began in my high school Chinese language class. This was in the late 1990s and my teacher voluntold me to create a website for the Chinese language class. Armed with a library book on HTML 4.0, I created my first website and there was no turning back. I was drawn to structural and navigation questions building microsites for the class. I developed my first blog before I heard about blogs. I began to see how important site structure and thought that every place I worked at could benefit. I began asking to create websites for student clubs and nonprofit organizations. 


With ten years and counting, I've played the interaction designer, the information architect, the taxonomist, the design researcher and the UX lead in projects improving findability, usability, and accessibility. 

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If you live near the Inland Empire, drop me a note and let's look for the next best dessert place nearby. If you're interested in becoming an information architect, interaction designer or are considering library school, don't be shy. 

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